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Know yourself better to harness the hidden storehouse of energies which are lying dormant in you. Give them shape and proper direction.
These are general predictions based on your Moon sign. To know precisely, what your strengths and weaknesses are, please visit My Home Page and send me an e-mail with your birth details.  

The year 2006-2007 for you from April 15, 2006 to April 14, 2007

Please note the following predictions are based on your MOON sign and not on your SUN sign. If you do not know your MOON sign, I will be pleased to find out the same for you. Just send an e-mail to me from the Home Page with your birth time, day, date, month and the year and your RASI will be intimated to you.

Please be informed this is a generalized prediction based on your RASI only. To know more please contact me through e-mail with your complete birth details.


You are somewhat restless and given to anger although it is also true that you are simple minded and so you cool down rather quickly. This year till October, anxieties and minor health problems may disturb you. Earnings may go down a bit but you will be able to meet your expenses. Do not expect to save much. However you may expect to be promoted at your workplace and there are even chances of going abroad for the eligible. A new job is not unlikely.

Businessmen should not take unnecessary risks as it may witness occasional slumps. Brothers and sisters may not enjoy physical well being. Some difference of opinion with them might arise. However these will not be very serious. This year do not expect favours or assistance from your friends. Students will not fare well. Parents will be more or less happy with their children. They will thrive physically. Conjugal happiness is likely to be unaffected. Eligible bachelors and would be brides will tie the nuptial knot and couples looking forward to having a baby will be blessed. Personal equation with father might not be very sweet. The health of your parents also could cause some concern. Father might need a surgery. Loss of blood, some physical or burn injuries to him are not ruled out. Beware of your enemies. Spiritual matters do not prosper well for you in 2006.


There is little doubt that you rather love your own ways and are obstinate at times. But if the planetary combinations were harmonized well when you were born, this can translate into great determination and capacity to fight against all odds and difficulties. This year will augur well for you, particularly if you are running an auspicious dasa (period of a planet known as Vimsottari Dasa in Indian Astrology). There will be more earnings this year and expenses will be under control. You can look forward to saving some money this year. Reputation at work-place is expected but guard against procrastination which could make you overstressed later. Businessmen and persons working in the judiciary can look forward to good times this year. Prospects of getting a job for the unemployed is likely. Persons employed currently may have a promotion or receive an offer to go abroad.

You will do well in your relationships, especially with your siblings in 2006 but their health in June and July could cause you concern. Friends will prove to be helpful. Students will do well in examinations with chances of succeeding in competitive tests as well. Your children may suffer from some ailments this year but those will be cured in time. They will do well in their activities.

You may not see eye to eye with your spouse on some issues and the best thing would be to curb your own self importance to have a reconciliation rather than insisting on your point of views. She should take good care of her health from 28th June to 19th August and she might need your attention during this period. Do not be over concerned though! It will pass. Eligible bachelors and young ladies may look forward to marriage and an enhanced love life. Enough money to set up the new home is also well augmented this year. Parents'health might take a turn for the bad although they are very likely to come through the bad patch. You relate with them well and they will bless you from the core of their heart.

You are likely to receive an injury, so take care. Bowel disorders and hypertension may call for medical expense. However there is no cause of serious worries.

Your secret enemies fail miserably to harm you although you may not be aware of their intrigues. Spirituality and religious matters are better signified than the previous year and if you are not an atheist, you should try to take advantage of the favorable cosmic pulsations to get yourself energized by meditation or yoga.