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An Astrological Website With a Difference.
I will prove to you the veracity of the Hindu Predictive Astrology by making predictions about you, absolutely without any obligations. Please check my free offers in this page given below. 

Personalised astrological predictions service
with a focus on customer satisfaction.
Learn to look inward, initiate experimentation, search beyond the accepted canons and new truths shall be yours. Truths alias knowledge, more importantly self-knowledge, given to you by a good and honest astrologer can help you master your self  or in other words master your destiny to a large extent.     


If you are born on the 1st or 10th of a month, you will have your share of optimism and leadership qualities, the measures depending on the other  factors like the day, month, year and the place of your birth. Try undertaking important work on the first and tenth. You will be amaged to see how more oftener you succeed.
Give it a thought.
Many magazines and periodicals publish daily, weekly or monthly predictions based on your Sun signs. Remember, they are general predictions more dictated by business reasons than using astrology to good advantage.   


Try to attempt important work on the 2nd, 20th and 29th throuhout the year if you were born on any of these days. The cosmic pulsations on these days are like those of your own helping you in your efforts. You are gentle souls, easily swayed by your surroundings. Surround yourself with things of beauty to give yourself peace of mind. Again, remember this is your basic trait, likely to be fashioned radically by other factors in your horoscope. Learn to say no when you deal with opportunists.   
Do you know?
Your Sun sign just reveals your instincts.It is your Moon sign which alone tells you how you are reshaping or restructering them to your advantage or disadvantage?
Only a qualified and practising Astrologer can reveal these secrets for you.

Most of you know your Sun signs. Fewer know their Moon signs. Fewer still, know their ascendants and accurately cast horoscopes, containing their life-histroy in a neatly packaged time-capsule. Whatever it is, each of you distinctly bear the time stamp of the moment of your birth and are relentlessly  pursuing your fated goals. But man who was made in His image, is a kind of lesser God striving to meet his Father to be blessed by him. Astrology can make this ascent much less steeper. Know thyself so that you can make the best of your life.  
All of you have experienced good and bad phases in your lives and have wondered why everything seems to go wrong at times?  The wrongs could have been minimised if  you would have been forewarned by a competent astrologer to observe restraint in everything you did. Perhaps he would have told you not to invest in the equity market for a couple of months or would have warned you about the time-bomb slowly but surely ticking away before it  struck you in the form of an almost full-fledged crisis. A health related problem! Money? Something to do with your career! Or perhaps your love life?
Do you know your calling? Do you have job satisfaction? Astrology can find these very important answers to your problems for you and Hindu Predictive Astrology even has remedial measures prescribed for them for your benefit. It dares to change the deterministic view of life, a befitting challenge thrown by man on his way to merging with his creator.
No more philosophising. Let me now demonstrate to you the results of the applied side of Astronomy, done by our seers thousands of years ago. Read on, to find for yourself, how much can be said with even incomplete birth datas, about the various aspects of our lives. Imagine then, how much more could be said if accurate birth-datas were available, and how much planning and prevention could have been undertaken to make our lives a lot more nicer? 

Please note the indications will vary according to the personality of your horoscope, for example, your Ascendant, the position of other planets in your horoscope and things like
that. All the same, the indications given below are not useless. You can still discover a lot about the inner core of your being with the same. Although complete birth-data is a necessity to make accurate predictions, I'll try my level best to give you a fair idea as to what the future promises or threatens to you provided you are conversant with the barest datas of your horoscope. It is possible that you had your horoscope made by an astrologer. Look for the planets' positions in different zodiacs. Each planet and zodiac signify certain manifestations at the mental as well as the physical level. The twelve houses in the horoscope are like twelve broadly compartmentalised action fields, further fragmented into smaller fields encompassing the broad canvas of life. Please note the planets are not the planets as we know them. They  actually symbolise vital energies, both positive and negative, responsible for all the things we witness and go through in life. They are like the mysterious quarks of the Quantam Mechanics, refusing to be bound by the laws of Science. Nevertheless, their relationship (viz. the planets') with human life and the material world gets to be obvious once you commission a knowledgable astrologer to interpret your horoscope.

Please submit your birth details using the following submission form. You may ask a single question which

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would like to know. For a complete in depth life reading please contact me for the details of my fees and the modes of payment.

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